A Better Way to Deliver Primary
Health Care to Employers

AHS was founded in 2014 in Louisville, Kentucky, with a single mission:  Find a better way to impact, communicate, and deliver wellness in conjunction with primary care.

Since then, we’ve accomplished that mission with our clients and their 3,000+ employees and family members. We’ve developed care centers around having health care delivered via nurse practitioners, and implemented through multiple design strategies. Initially focused on a homegrown Kentucky market, AHS now accommodates other markets that fit our business model.  If your company or neighborhood of companies approaches 800 or more employees, you are a prime candidate for our concept.


Concierge Access Produces Streamlined Efficient Care

Our care centers provide a concierge feel for your employees and their family members without wait times, copays, and deductibles. Ultimately AHS’s care continuum extends through technology, electronic health records, and communications for your employees and their family members’ to their specialists and other practitioners.


Population Health Management for Focused Detail and Better Results

AHS goes above and beyond just providing routine shots, sore throat exams, and reactive care. The true AHS difference is the emphasis on wellness and primary care that encompasses your company’s population health management. We look comprehensively at your company’s health plan claim data to conduct predictive modeling of health care on issues that may be on your company’s financial horizon.

Further analysis of your health plan’s claims and modeling brings into focus identifiable “Gaps in Care” that your existing workforce population is missing.  This particular image of the AHS platform initiates the very beginning and essence of the AHS customer experience.

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